Various Health Benefits of Meditation




The popularity of meditation increases because more and more people are discovering their benefits. Meditation is a simple process to train your mind to focus and guide your mind. You use it to increase awareness of yourself and your environment. Many people believe that this is a way to alleviate stress and develop concentration. People also use practice to develop other beneficial habits and feelings such as positive moods and perspectives, self-discipline, healthy sleep and even increased pain tolerance.

1. Reduce stress


Stress relief is one of the most common reasons people try to meditate. A study of more than 3 500 adults showed that it lives up to its reputation-reducing stress. As a rule, mental and physical stress is caused by the growth of cortisol stress hormone. This causes many harmful effects of stress, such as inflammatory chemicals called cytokine release.
This effect can interfere with sleep, promote depression and anxiety, increase blood pressure and contribute to fatigue and poor thinking.

Other studies of nearly 1 300 adults have shown that meditation can relieve stress. This impact is particularly evident for the most heavily loaded persons. Studies have shown that meditation can also improve symptoms of stress-related disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome, post-traumatic stress, and fibromyalgia. Many styles of meditation can help relieve stress. Meditation can also reduce symptoms in people with the stress-induced illness.

2. Control of Anxiety


Less stress means less anxiety. Hence, an eight-week study of mindfulness meditation helped the participants reduce their anxiety. It also has reduced symptoms of anxiety disorders such as phobia, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, coercive behaviors, and panic attacks.

A larger study of 2 466 participants also showed that many different meditation strategies could reduce anxiety. So yoga has been shown to help people reduce anxiety. This may be due to the benefits of meditative practice and exercise. Meditation can also help to control anxiety related to work in a high-pressure working environment. The study established a meditation program that lowers anxiety in the group of Nurses. Ordinary meditation helps to reduce anxiety and anxiety with mental health problems, such as social anxiety, phobias, and coercive behavior.

3. Promote mental health


Some forms of meditation can also lead to a better and more positive insight into life. Two studies of Mindfulness Meditation reduces depression more than 4 600 adults. Inflammatory chemicals, called cytokines, released in response to stress, can affect mood and lead to depression. A review of several studies suggests that meditation can reduce depression, reducing inflammation.

Another of the controlled studies compared to electrical activity in the brain, between the people who practiced mindfulness meditation and the brain with others who are not. Those who meditated showed measurable changes in the areas of activity,  with positive thinking and optimism. Some forms of meditation can improve depression and create a more positive image of life. Studies show that maintaining a constant habit of meditation can help keep these long-term benefits.

4. Increases confidence


Some forms of meditation can help you build a stronger understanding of the self, and help you develop the best for each other. Just as the discovery of meditation are clearly intended to create a better understanding of each other and how to deal with the people around you.

Another form teaches you to recognize the thoughts that may be harmful to or beat each other. The point is that if you have insight into their habits of thinking, you can upload them to more constructive.21 women in the fight against breast cancer, the study found that when they attended the program of Tai Chi, their self-esteem more than those who received social support sessions.

The experience of meditation can develop more creative solutions to problems. Meditation self and related styles can help “about you know. “This could be the starting point in order to make other positive changes.

5. Can help in the fight against Addictions


Mental discipline that can help you through meditation, addiction can develop break to boost your self-control and understanding of addictive behavior to encourage it. Research has shown that meditation can help people figure out their attention, you can increase your energy, their emotions, and impulses to dominate and their understanding of the causes of their addiction. Meditation helps to control your appetite even.

Meditation developed mental discipline and a strong will, and you can avoid the triggers for unwanted impulses. You can recover from addiction, to lose weight and lead to other undesirable habits.

6. you can reduce age-related memory loss


Improving the sharpness and clarity of thought can help to make your mind young. Kirtan Kriya meditation is a method that combines a mantra or a chorus of repeated movements of the fingers to focus thoughts. Participants in a greater ability to perform memory tasks, some research on age-related memory loss.

In addition, a review of 12 studies, it was found that several styles of meditation have increased the attention of older volunteers, memory and mental speed. In addition to the normal age-related memory loss, meditation, you can at least in part, to improve memory in patients with dementia. It also can help control stress and improving care for family members of dementia. Increased focus you will get regular meditation can improve memory and mental clarity. These benefits can help in the fight against age-related memory loss and dementia.

7. Improves sleep


Almost half of the population are struggling with insomnia at any time. In one study were compared on the basis of two Mindfulness Meditation proposals from the two groups were randomly assigned, participants. The Group has been practicing meditation and others.

Already compared to those participants who meditate on meditation as soon he slept and slept, remained. Always send your meditation, you can check to determine whether the route from their race or “runaway” thoughts that often leads to insomnia. “In addition, it can help the body to relieve tension and quietly sit in the State where you are more likely to fall asleep.

Many methods of meditation can help you relax and control over “runaway” idea, that can interfere with sleep. “this can reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and improve sleep quality.

8. Supports reduce pain



Their perception of pain associated with a State of mind, and can increase the stress. For example, the study used functional magnetic resonance imaging procedure as painful to watch an experienced participant in the activity of the brain. Some of the participants had a practice of Mindfulness Meditation in four days, and others do not. Meditating patients showed increased activity centers in the brain, pain control, of course. They reported even less sensitive to pain.

Meditation for patients with incurable diseases, further research has shown that meditation can help reduce chronic pain, at the end of his life. In each of these scenarios are more likely to overcome the pain causes pain, but the students appeared in the meditators and non-meditators, feeling competent and experienced pain relief itself. Meditation can reduce the sensation of pain in the brain. The medical care or physical therapy may be used to treat chronic pain, if in addition, like that.

9. You can Decrease Blood Pressure


Meditation can improve physical health, reduce the burden on the heart. Add the heart, increasing blood pressure time to work harder to pump blood, which can lead to poor heart function. High blood pressure also contributes to atherosclerosis or narrowing of the arteries, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. 996 volunteers, the study found, when she meditates by focusing “Stille” Mantra in the word, not reduce, on average, five vocalized spots, blood pressure. It was more effective for older volunteers and those who had higher blood pressure prior to the study.




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